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Theobroma cacao
NF-X1 Family
Species TF ID Description
Thecc1EG012484t1NF-X-like 1 (65%T)
Thecc1EG017029t1NF-X-like 1 (64%T)
Thecc1EG017029t2NF-X-like 1 (64%T)
Thecc1EG017029t3NF-X-like 1 (64%T)
Thecc1EG017029t4NF-X-like 1 (64%T)
Thecc1EG042496t1Sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor (67%T)
Thecc1EG042496t2Sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor (66%T)
Thecc1EG042496t3Sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor (70%T)
NF-X1 Family Introduction

The human NF-X1 protein and homologous proteins in eukaryotes represent a class of transcription factors which are characterised by NF-X1 type zinc finger motifs. The Arabidopsis genome encodes two NF-X1 homologs, which we termed AtNFXL1 and AtNFXL2.

The Arabidopsis AtNFXL1 and AtNFXL2 proteins are characterized by NF-X1 type zinc fingers, which potentially mediate DNA binding, and PHD finger motifs, which potentially mediate protein interactions. The AtNFXL1 protein is part of a regulatory mechanism, which improves the physiological status of plants and supports growth and survival under stress.

Lisso J, Altmann T, Mussig C.
The AtNFXL1 gene encodes a NF-X1 type zinc finger protein required for growth under salt stress.
FEBS Lett, 2006. 580(20): p. 4851-6.
PMID: 16905136